Set in the Swiss Alps, the author skillful tells a story adults will find fascinating and children will also understand and appreciate (originally written for pre-teen/teen-age).  You will relate as she tells of pain and healing, things broken, people redeemed.

$20 price INCLUDES shipping and help support MEDALLION - a Children's ministry IN ISRAEL creating Hebrew language, Israeli-culture Children's Disicpleship Material

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S.D.A.I.T.S. or
Shabbat Dinner And Informal Torah Study

6 days after our 1st Saturday of the month Shabbat Service

    at Lincoln Place Ch of the Nazarene - 5604 Interboro Ave, Pgh, PA 15207

    In 2020 -
        - Jan 10, Feb 7, Mar 13, Apr 10, May 8, June 12
        - July 10, Aug 7, Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11

  • 6:30pm - Covered Dish Dinner
                   - 1st time?  No worries!  Just bring yourself!
  • 7:30pm - Shabbat Candle Lighting
  • 7:35pm - Break into Ladies' and Men's Groups
                     for Interactive Bible Study

Enjoy fellowship with others curious about following Yeshua over a covered-dish dinner.

Experience Candle Lighting and Kiddish - sanctifying the Shabbat Rest given to The Whole World from The God of Israel.

The Interactive Bible Study encourages people to share their questions and experiences while learning to know and follow Yeshua.

PRACTICAL help in finding and sharing the good God intends for us is given at each Study.

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