Growing a community of followers of Yeshua -

- bringing Him to Jewish Pittsburgh and beyond.

Tour Israel With Us - Nov. 2023*

   * all details subject to change without notice

Led by Messianic Rabbi, Teacher and Worship Leader -
   Abraham E. Sandler

PLEASE NOTE - CHANGES to THE PRINTED BROCHURE (links to download 5 lines down) -

  • Tour Dates now set - Nov 1 to 9
       -  Dead Sea Extension - Nov 9 to 12

  • Tour Discounts Deadline - extended from 1/31 to 3/31

  • Last Day for Registration and Minimum Deposit extended from 2/28 to 4/20

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Dates -

Main tour - 7 nights, 8 days in Israel
Dead Sea Extension - additional 3 nights, 3 days

Depart NYC - Wed, Nov 1

Return NYC - Main Tour - Fri,  Nov 10
                      - Dead Sea Extension - Sun, Nov 13


Spend time with Yeshua - Jesus, and His People, in His Land

Our tour will not rush you to every sight to hear every fact from all of history.  Rather, you will have time at many Biblically significant locations to consider what Holy Spirit has to say about Yeshua, our walk with Him, and that location in Israel.

Messianic teaching and/or worship leading from Abraham E. Sandler will enhance your understanding and appreciation and your response in praise & worship at the various locations we'll visit.

You will also spend time with various groups of Israelis - some followers of Yeshua, some not - Arab-Muslim, Druze and, of course, Jewish.   You will get to hear FIRST HAND  from people in The Land - their perspective on Israel TODAY!

Some of the Locations We'll Visit*
  * ALL details subject to change without notice

 ( for day-by-day itinerary see the Tour Brochure - links above )

  * Mt. Hermon - Golan Heights
  * Jordan River - Headwaters

  * Caesarea Philippi - where Yeshua asked "Who do people say I am?"

  * Druze & Muslim & Christian town
  * Nazareth
  * Recently found site of 1st Century Synagogue
  * Sea of Galilee
  * Mount Carmel / Armegeddon

  * Tel Aviv outdoor "shuk" marketplace

  * Be'er Sheva

  * Mount of Olives

  * Old City of Jerusalem

  * Western (Wailing) Wall
  * (if conditions permit) Temple Mount

  * Garden of Gethsemane

  * Garden Tomb

  * Ezekiel's Prophetic River

  * A Cemetery that Declares the Good News

  * Worship in an Israeli Messianic Jewish Congregation

  * Dinner and conversation with Muslim, Druze and Jewish people

     (saved and unsaved)

  * and more !

Dead Sea Extension 

* Extended time in Jerusalem

* Farm cultivating plants mentioned in Scripture

* Qumran - Dead Sea Scrolls found there

* Dead Sea - float and relax!

* Optional trip to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve & Waterfall

* Final Sunday Worship Service in Israel led by Abraham


"Standard" Price for TOUR - $5999

  -  per person

  - "double occupancy" (two to a room)

  - includes:

    -> hotel (Galilee - simple kibbutz, Jerusalem - upscale)

    -> two meals per day (generally breakfast and dinner)

    -> Ground transportation

    -> Entrance Fees, Gratuities

    -> Airfare from NYC area

Register and pay early to SAVE -

  Discounted cost of tour per person dbl occupancy -

        SAVE $900 PER PERSON -
          -  if PAID IN FULL by 2/28/2023

        SAVE $700 PER PERSON  -
          -  if PAY HALF by 2/28/2023

        SAVE $400 - PER PERSON -
          -  if PAY $1000 by 2/28/2023

  Standard pricing

          -  must PAY $599 registration by 3/31/2023


            HALF YOUR COST ................... DUE 5/15/2023

            BALANCE of YOUR COST ....... DUE 7/31/2023

         *See bottom of page for cancellation & refund policy

Contact us for more info.

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*Cancellation / refund policy

We encourage everybody, upon making a deposit, to buy a trip insurance policy that includes trip cancellation coverage.  Search for the trip insurance YOU like.  (We have purchased from AAA and have been satisfied, but there are other vendors.)

Sorry, we can NOT provide any refund if trip is modified or cancelled.  We will try to see if your funds could be used for a future trip, but we might deem this not possible (at our discretion).  PLEASE GET TRIP INSURANCE !!!

If YOU cancel - (per person)

by April 15                    - Refund = we return all funds you paid to us

                                          over $599

on April 16 or after     -  Sorry, no refunds

                                          * if we can fill your place - refund = all funds you paid to us over


Abraham teaching at

the Western "Wailing" Wall

Sheila on the Mount of Olives overlooking graves,

Garden of Gethsemane, Kidron Valley,

Golden Gate (for the Messiah),

Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock and

Old City Jerusalem

Abraham at entrance to the

Garden Tomb -

possibly Yeshua's grave,

or at least very much like His

International Cemetery with the

Jerusalem Wall of Life -

300 feet of Biblical mural art -

Pictured - top right - Lazarus rising from the dead,

btm-center - Last Supper,

main scene = Lamb led to the slaughter by

Roman soldier and Jewish priest

Abraham prays,

Sea of Galilee in the background

Beautiful weather in November at the Dead Sea -

Yes!  The water is plenty warm to go in !!!

Abraham and wife Sheila