Feast of Tabernacles Celebration

September 2021 - detail TBA

PASSOVER SEDER - APRIL 3, 10:15am - 12:30pm

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gathering at: Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene - 5604 Interboro Ave., Pgh, PA 15207     map

The "Seder" is a special meal where Jewish people remember what God did to redeem us out of slavery in Egypt.

God, Himself, commanded the Jewish people more than once to "Remember this day when I brought you out of the land of Slavery.

In the Seder there are many traditions that help us obey God's command to remember HIM setting us free.

Over the 1400+ years were traditions were developed and placed in The Seder - something AMAZING happened.  I am quite sure it is because Holy Spirit watched over this time that reminds of of the sacrificed lamb that spared us from judgment in Egypt.

Why?  Because as The Seder shows us the lamb of Egypt - it is clear the traditions also point to The-Lamb-Of-God-Who-Takes-Away-The-Sin-Of-The-World !!!


Yeshua said, "Now when you do this (Seder) - do it in remembrance of Me."

We want to lead you through experiencing The Passover Seder - so you can experience with us the JOY of knowing The Lamb - Yeshua.

There will be joyful Messianic Praise of the God who sets us free, heartfelt worship of The One who "bore our sorrows", prayers sung with a yearning of heart to see Yeshua's Peace more in our lives and the lives of others.

EVERYONE will have the opportunity to experience the CEREMONIAL foods of the Passover Table.

NOTE: These are essentially "samples" - each one telling part of the Passover story... this year we are NOT serving a full meal at our Seder.

Thus - two weeks earlier - on the 1st of that month - THAT is "NEW YEAR'S DAY" ... according to God Almighty.

EVERYBODY is welcome - Jewish or not, ... a follower of Yeshua or not.   Come and see and experience why these traditions have been so meaningful to many people for thousands of years.

LOCATION     - Lincoln Pl Ch of the Nazarene - 5604 Interboro Ave, Pgh, PA 15207    map

WHEN             - 10:15am to 12:30pm, Saturday - April 3

MORE INFO   - call 412-609-1117

MESSIANIC MARKETPLACE OPEN BEFORE and AFTER THE GATHERING   - Jewelry, clothing, books and more ... items to help you KNOW Yeshua and/or SHARE Yeshua

Biblical and Jewish Holidays

Our Purim, Passover, Tabernacles, Hanukkah and other Biblical Celebrations are filled with traditional Jewish songs and foods and a lesson from Scripture on what God tells us through The Feasts.

God gave Feasts to Israel as illustrations that speak about the nature and character of the God who made the world and rescued Israel from slavery in Egypt.

Aspects of each Feast point to Yeshua as the promised Jewish Messiah.

Find a concise summary of ALL the "Feasts of the Lord" - what they meant to Israel and how they are fulfilled in Messiah Yeshua - written by our Congregational Leader - Abraham E. Sander - here!

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