Set in the Swiss Alps, the author skillful tells a story adults will find fascinating and children will also understand and appreciate (originally written for pre-teen/teen-age).  You will relate as she tells of pain and healing, things broken, people redeemed.

$20 price INCLUDES shipping and help support MEDALLION - a Children's ministry IN ISRAEL creating Hebrew language, Israeli-culture Children's Disicpleship Material

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Feast of Trumpets - Fri, 7pm - Sept 18

at Lincoln Place Ch of the Nazarene - 5604 Interboro Ave, Pgh, PA 15207     map

Called YOM TERUAH in the Scriptures, the God of Israel set this day aside for one purpose - to sound a WARNING - ONE DAY, ONE WAY OF ATONEMENT is coming - are you ready?

This could be done by screaming or by blowing the shofar (trumpet made from a ram's horn).

The rabbis have significantly changed Jewish attitudes to this day, assigning it the name "Rosh haShana" (New Year) and thus encouraging a party rather than serious attention to working in concert with God's purposes for this day.

This WARNING has meaning not only for each calendar year, but also for God's Prophetic Year that maps out His Plan of Salvation through the Ages.

Learn what this WARNING means today as we enter The Last Days, and experience God's Call to help sound this WARNING today!

Biblical and Jewish Holidays

Our Purim, Passover, Tabernacles, Hanukkah and other Biblical Celebrations are filled with traditional Jewish songs and foods and a lesson from Scripture on what God tells us through The Feasts.

God gave Feasts to Israel as illustrations that speak about the nature and character of the God who made the world and rescued Israel from slavery in Egypt.

Aspects of each Feast point to Yeshua as the promised Jewish Messiah.

Find a concise summary of ALL the "Feasts of the Lord" - what they meant to Israel and how they are fulfilled in Messiah Yeshua - written by our Congregational Leader - Abraham E. Sander - here!

Learn more about our other Gatherings -

2020 High Holiday Gatherings at Maoz Tzur - Rock of AGES MJC

Day of Atonement - Sun, 4pm - Sept 18

at The Church at Magee Zulema Parklet - Pgh, PA 15213     map

Called YOM KIPPUR in the Scriptures, the God of Israel set this day aside for Israel to AFFLICT THEIR SOUL in repentance, and offer the ONE Sacrifice to atone for (cover over) the sins of the people of Israel.

Only on this ONE day, could ONE High Priest with ONE particular sacrifice enter ONE particular place to ask the ONE TRUE GOD for forgiveness for sins.

Maoz Tzur - Rock of Ages MJC has been asked to help lead THE CHURCH AT MAGEE's 4th Sunday Service, especially leading those gathered in repentance for not doing more to stop abortion.

In lieu of a full-on Yom Kippur service, we are joining with many other congregations in the Pittsburgh area for a time of repentance and seeking God forgiveness, asking Him to guide us to be more effective in stopping this slaughter.

Feast of Tabernacles - Sat, 10:30am - Oct 3

at Lincoln Place Ch of the Nazarene - 5604 Interboro Ave, Pgh, PA 15207     map

Called Sukkot in the Scriptures, the God of Israel set week day aside for Israel to rest and remember that IN HIM, and HIS PRESENCE in their midst is the answer to every need.

Even more - as Israel stayed connected with Jehovah - He poured out blessings in every area of life - provision, wisdom, defense from enemies and more!

Join us and celebrate the BETTER TABERNACLE we can enjoy every day, and every week of the year.

AND... rejoice in The Last Days truth God put into the Tabernacles/Sukkot Feast !

REFRESHMENTS served AFTER the service!