Growing a community of followers of Yeshua -

- bringing Him to Jewish Pittsburgh and beyond.


  Learn what Yeshua - Jesus taught at the
    Passover Table

Available IN-PERSON and via ZOOM !

A traditional Jewish Passover Seder (Passover meal) has so many formal traditions - in many Jewish homes it lasts 3 to 5 hours ....or LONGER !!!

Yeshua used each component and tradition to show His disciples who He is, and why we NEED HIM.

Have you a seen a Seder, but never were really taught - what does each part mean for a Jewish person?  What does each part have to do with Yeshua?  Or have you gained a good bit of understanding, but want to go DEEPER?

Have you never experienced a Passover Seder?  Learn it's true meaning from the "ground up" your first time through!

Would you like to lead a Seder yourself for your family or group or church?

Abraham has close to FIFTY YEARS experience with the Passover Seder (yes, he started young - helping his father lead Seders!) and has been leading people through the Passover Table himself for 40 years.

LEARN from his experience.

ASK questions in this INTERACTIVE Passover experience !

Get to know this AMAZING way to consider and share the LAMB OF GOD who "takes away the sin of the world" !

  • OPEN TO ANY FOLLOWER OF YESHUA - JESUS who wants to engage in serious Bible Study related to the Passover Seder

    Special note for PASTORS, SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS, HOME GROUP LEADERS, etc ... please NOTE:  you will get to know (and then be able to teach better) the "real deal" about the Last Supper!

  • DATE / TIME -

    Two sessions, 8:30am to 1pm - Feb 18 & 25
       Part 1 - Sat, Feb 18
       Part 2 - Sat, Feb 25


    Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene
    5604 Interboro Ave, Pgh, PA 15207


    If Feb 18 or 25 get "snowed out" we have reserved Lincoln Place Ch of the Nazarene for the next Saturday (March 4) as well if we need a "make up" day

  • COST

    $50 includes -

      - IN DEPTH teaching on each part of The Passover Seder

      - Specific QUESTION and ANSWERS times - add to YOUR -understanding of The Seder,  get help with what YOU want or need to know

    - Passover themed "snack" at 8:30 and coffee/water



    - Register via our Congregation's Online store at this link

    - Mail $50 per person registering to:

    Rock of Ages MJC
    PO Box 225
    East McKeesport, PA 15035


    - Ask via our CONTACT US page, or

    - Call - 412-609-1117


Topics Covered

  • When and Why did the The Church stop participating in The Passover Seder?

  • What two things did Yeshua say about meeting Him at the Passover Table?  (He said one BEFORE they came together for The Seder, and one at The Table, towards the end.)

  • What was the purpose of the Seder BEFORE the time of Jesus

  • What traditions are specifically designed to help Jewish people give the Passover Story to the children, the next generation?

  • What are the requirements for Passover "Bread" and how do those characteristic point to Yeshua?

  • Why are there FOUR "Cups of Redemption" during the Seder?  How does each and every one point to Yeshua?
  • Which Cup was the one over which Yeshua declared "This is the New Covenant in My blood?

  • What is a Haggadah?  When did Jewish people start to use them and why?
  • To which Passover Bible passage did Yeshua tie His High Priestly Prayer in John 17?

  • What was the purpose of the plagues?

  • What is the Jewish attitude towards the Egyptians suffering the plagues?

  • In traditional (unsaved) Jewish thinking, where is the idea of PERSONAL salvation in the Seder?  Which Biblical prophecy is the proof-text

  • What MUSIC is traditional to the Passover Seder ... and why?

  • Plus much more !!!