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- bringing Him to Jewish Pittsburgh and beyond.

Exodus 6:6-7

Why Exodus 6:6-7 ?

Jewish Scripture reveals that YHVH wants to be our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer & Coming King !

When YHVH told Moses He would free us from slavery in Egypt, He said more

S.D.A.I.T.S - Shabbat Dinner And Informal Torah Study

note: S.D.A.I.T.S cancelled for 2022

Held on the 2 Fridays following our 1st Sat. of the month Shabbat Svc.

Enjoy fellowship with others curious about more

Why Yeshua ?

"Yeshua" is a Hebrew word which means "deliverer."

A deliverer breaks off chains and brings captives into a good an open place of more

The Rabbis Changed God's Rules for Yom Kippur -
( Day of Atonement )

In Scripture - Leviticus 16 - God gives a series of SPECIFIC commands of how Atonement was to happen.

In Leviticus 17:11 God says that He has specifically appointed THE BLOOD on The Atlar (at The Temple in Jerusalem) to make atonement.

But after The Temple was destoryed in 70 C.E (A.D.), the rabbis came up with a new set of rules.

Read about the changes and the hopelessness of the main rabbi involved in the changes in our downloadble pdf.

Read and/or Download "How Day of Atonement was Changed by The Rabbis"

Jewish Jewelry Starts Conversations

Pictured above is the "Breast Plate" (in Hebrew "choshen")

Many varied necklaces and more help start conversations about the Jewish people and the Jewish Messiah - Yeshua -Jesus.

Our collection is on sale on-line in the Jewelry section of our store


note: next Shabbat Gatherings -


    - Sept 25, 6:30pm


    - Dec. 4, 6:30pm

Worship, Learn and Experience the God of Israel and His Messiah - Yeshua - Jesus

through Biblically-based

song, liturgy and teaching.

Everyone is welcome !


with NO FEASTS of the LORD until PASSOVER in the Spring
  • Winter, in Israel is the rainy season
  • Yeshua said during the Feast of Tabernacles that if we admit we are thirsty and if we then turn to HIM ... THEN He will give us unending "Rivers of Living Water" that will flow from HIS Spirit within us
  • How you come to Yeshua and told Him, "I'm thirsty?"
  • If Yes, are you actively drawing Healing and Provision for ALL you need from HIS River of Life?
  • Check out our chart - God's Year Points to Yeshua