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Thurs, 2 November
   Shopping for necessities is, of course, a skill one likes to acquire as quickly as possible in a new place. Most items are marked in Hebrew, but the item or the packaging are often familiar.  If you have some skill at charades, you can figure out what the item it trying to tell you.
   Produce, of course, is easier (if you know your fruits and vegetables from back home).
   Except --> what is this large white "pumpkin" doing on the floor with a knife on it?
   Rather than the store cutting it up into sizes people may or may not want, they have just left a sharp knife and people cut off the amount the want or need.
   Americans may look at this scene and see several lawsuits just waiting to happen (exposed flesh of fruit that has other people's hands in it - oy! contaminated?, sharp knife just laying around ... and at toddler level no less!!!, watch out - floor is slippery from insides of the melon getting on the floor, etc.)
   Israelis look and see a practical, inexpensive solution to a problem (and by the way, if you aren't tough enough to handle a couple germs, what makes you think you'll survive life in Israel?  And, you should be keeping an eye on your toddler (how could you be so careless to let the little dear get ahold of a knife?, and OF COURSE the floor is slippery, there's an open melon there - SO BE CAREFUL!)