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"Evangelical?" Ultra-Orthodox at Tel Aviv Open Market (Shuk)
Thursday, 19 October
   Man has a book, probably Talmud, to encourage less religious men to study a page with him.  Studying Talmud is considered a "miztvah" (good deed).

   This group has "set up camp" at the opening to Tel Aviv's wonderful open-air market off of Allenby Street. On our 2014 trip I took a picture at this same spot (see below) and was not surprised to find this ultra-orthodox group still sending representatives to this spot.
   This group is called "Lubavich" and they believe their leader of many decades, Menachim Schnerson, is actually the Messiah.  However, he passed away in 1995.  To keep the hope alive that he is the Messiah they encourage Jewish people to be better Jews by urging them to do "mitvot" (good deeds, deeds that the feel the Law of Moses commands you to do.)
   They are convinced that if they can convince Jewish people (and Gentiles, too!) to do enough Good Deeds then their rabbi will deem the world worthy enough to have him as their rabbi, and he will then reappear.
   In Isaiah 64 it says that all of our "righteous" deeds (in other words - the best we can do) ... in God's eyes, compared to HIS holiness - it's like "filthy rags".
   We can NOT do enough good to reach up to God, so He sent His son, Yeshua - Jesus, to come down to us ... and if we believe in Him, He gives us His Holy Righteousness so we can experience God's Presence.
   Nearly 1 million Jewish people in Israel (out of 7 million) are ultra-orthdox ... trying to earn right relationship with God.  Please pray they realize their man-made religious system doesn't work, and call on Yeshua for salvation.