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Saturday, 28 October
The Shir Stream (left) and Dan Stream (Right) Come Together to Form the Jordan River
   You can visit a number of places in Israel that are thought to be the source of water for the Jordan River. Some have tourist set-ups, but there is a place where the water is first called the Jordan.
   Above this point, various streams (at least four) are all known by individual names and heading towards this point they begin to flow together, with the final confluence pictured above.
   There is no tourist parking lot, no Nature Reserve, really nothing marking the significance of this point where the Jordan becomes the Jordan.
   The Lord spoke to me here.
   You can go and visit the source springs, the headwaters of some of those upper streams and truly, they are important places.  But in truth we can't go down in the ground and see how God births these waters.
   We can however, see how He brings them together to accomplish His purposes.
   The Lord said, "I already have a plan in place.  I already birthed my will and my Answer, my plan of Salvation, my plan to display My glory.  And, I have already directed courses to come together in the way I desire.  Listen to Me, the Plan is already in place.  My Son taught His disciples well, to pray 'Father, your will be done here in our pieces of Earth as it is in Heaven.' "
   Let us join in in what Abba is already organizing for His Glory - so His Son Yeshua - Jesus is exalted so that all men - Jewish and Gentiles can come to Him!

BELOW:  Idyllic scene just south of the initial Jordan confluence.