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Passover or "Easter?"

Here is a copy of the letter written from the Council of Nicea to the churches.
318 bishops from all over the world gathered to make a decision on this topic.

The question they debated?  " Should we celebrate The Resurrection during the Jewish Passover? "

Here is there answer !   Read it.   Then use the  CONTACT FORM  to tell me - since this is really what they decided and why  ... how should we repond ???

SOURCE = The Church and The Jews by Dan Gruber, (c) 2001 - Elijah Publishing, pgs. 33-35.
click HERE to go to CONTACT FORM- tell us your thoughts - what should the response be to this unfortunate piece of Church History ???
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Fri, 8
- Shabbat (Sabbath) SERVICE
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Celebrate the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His Messiah - Yeshua - Jesus - with the best of ancient and more recently written Jewish prayers and songs.

See how the Jewish Scriptures
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