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Thurs, 19 Oct - "Evangelical?" Ultra-Orthodox at Tel Aviv Open Market (Shuk) -

These group has "set up camp" at the opening to Tel Aviv's wonderful open-air market off of Allenby.  On our 2014 trip I took a picture at this same spot and was not surprised             more
Wed, 18 Oct - If You Visit Israel - He Will Great You -

On our first trip to Israel we encountered this goat ... the first smile received in Israel!!!  how happy we were to find our friend still there, especially since we learned what he                 more
Fri, 20 Oct - A Powerful Collection -

Think you've been to a "flea" market?  Don't say, "yes" until you've been to Tel Aviv's huge outdoor market (or "shuk").  The intensity of the vendors and the shoppers and the              more
Sun, 22 Oct - Two Views of Some of the Cutest Faces in Israel -

Many people (all over the world) find it hard to resist the cute, loveable face of a kitty-cat.  In Israel you will likely encounter more cats in more places than you ever have                       more
Sat, 21 Oct - Can You Name the "National Bird" of Israel, Seen In This Picture? -

Sighted EVERYWHERE in The Holy Land, if you visit here you are sure to encounter the "National Bird" in the north in Galilee, South in Beersheva, and everywhere in                   more
Wed, 25 Oct - VIDEO BLOG - Mt. Hermon - Highest Point in Israel -

Please forgive the audio quality, will fix as soon as able.   Some thoughts from a place where you can look DOWN on the "high places" in Israel.

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Mon, 23 Oct - Unique View of Israel and Lebanon -

This mini-amphitheater is towards the back of a kibbutz high up in the Upper Galilee region.  From here you can see Lebanon.  Imagine joining us for times of worship                        more

Thurs, 26 Oct - Our suggestion for Middle East Peace - PRAY ! -

Sometimes the enemy seems overwhelming.  Sometimes it seems the enemy has the "high ground" ... has the advantage, but when you know The One who made the                      more

Sat,  4 Nov - VIDEO BLOG - (and pictures)  - Can You Say, "WOW!"

Israel enjoys miles of fantastic sandy beaches on its shore with the Mediterranean Sea.   Few things are as awe-inspiring as walking along the beach           more

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Fri, 27 Oct - English in the Remote Villages of Israel -

Israel as a nation longs to be in relationship with and do business with as many nations of the world as possible.  For much of our world English is the lingua franca, the language      more
Sat, 28 Oct - Thoughts on the Coming Together of the Jordan River -
You can visit a number of places in Israel that are thought to be the source of water for the Jordan River.  Some have tourist set-ups, but there is a place where all the                       more
Mon, 30 Oct - Ultra-Orthodox Spreading the News in Traffic -

About 80% of Jewish people are "secular" - they have no particular feeling about God or religion.  And, about 20% ARE religious, many with very STRONG feelings                 more
Tues, 31 Oct - Cows in Upper Galilee - INCLUDES VIDEO

I've had the privilege to live in Montana and even participated in "Branding" Day there.  During my time in Upper Galilee it seemed to me there were similarities to                 more

Wed, 1 Nov - Intercession while Overlooking Sea of Galilee
Yeshua spent a great deal of time near Galilee.  Here He explained how the Kingdom of God works in the "Sermon on the Mount."  Here he found a man written off as                  more

Thurs, 2 Nov - Doing Things in a Practical Way
Shopping for necessities is, of course, a skill one likes to acquire as quickly as possible in a new place.   Most items are marked in Hebrew, but the item or the packaging          
Fri, 3 Nov - In Israel - Almost Always Good To Put Moses Into The Mix
For Jewish people, religious or not, Moses holds a very special place.  For the religious, he is the most revered prophet.  For the non-religious, he is credited, at least with             more
Fri, 27 Oct - VIDEO BLOG - Every Tongue, Tribe & Nation - Galilee -

Daniel is a worship artist who also owns a tourist boat on the Sea of Galilee.  Of course Christians from many lands come to Israel.   Most on our boat trip were Romanian.  Video of them singing, "Glory, hallelujah" in Romania.

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Sun, 5 Nov - Yes, As a Matter of Fact, I DO Own This Car (Restaurant,
                        Neighborhood, Etc.)

Cats are cute.  Cats catch mice and rats.  But cats also generate waste and carry fleas.  And cats are running loose EVERYWHERE in Israel.  More pictures of some the                            more
Mon,  6 Nov - VIDEO BLOG  - Worship in Three Languages

One of the miracles God did in the late 1800s was to bring the Hebrew language back to life.  At that time is was pretty much only used by clergy and          more

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Tues, 7 Nov - Messiah?  Or Meshuggeneh (Crazy?)
There is a face you will see EVERYWHERE in Israel.  Looking down benevolently as the masses by him below, there are those who say that this man is                                      more
Tues, 7 Nov - Messiah?  Or Meshuggeneh (Crazy?)
There is a face you will see EVERYWHERE in Israel.  Looking down benevolently as the masses by him below, there are those who say that this man is                                      more

Wed, 8 Nov - If It Works ... Why not ?
While there IS tons of open space throughout the land of Israel, and while many towns, cities, kibbutz and farmlands are well-planned out ... there is one area that                            more

Thurs, 9 Nov - Getting Ready for the Third Temple
Approximately 586 years before Jesus the Temple in Jerusalem, built by Solomon was destroyed when the Babylonians invaded, after standing almost                                 more

Fri, 10 Nov - Mount of Olives - Death and Disaster
On this Mount the most important decision of the will of all time was made in the Garden of Gethsemane on the lower reaches of this hill.    Do you know what covers                more

Sat, 11 Nov - Signs of the Times in Jerusalem
It is said put 3 Jewish people in a room with 1 question and you will get at least 4 opinions.  Many people, Jew and Gentile, have opinions about Israel.  One day we saw            more
Sun, 12 Nov - Everything That's Good to Eat
Yes, there are modern "supermarkets" in Israel with many fine products.  But, if I lived here, I would shop for many items at the Carmel (open air) Market in Tel Aviv.  Over      more
Mon,  13 Nov - VIDEO BLOG - Music Serving as God's Language of Love

Israel has a great Railway system throughout the country.   Tel Avi to Jerusalem takes 2 hours and is just 20 shekels (about $6.00).  In a move to make        more

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Tue, 14 Nov - This Is Where Jesus Would Hang Out in Israel Today
There are many meaningful places Christian tours will take you in The Land that Jesus walked.  But I am not aware of any tour that will take you to this incredible              more
LOTS of "Mom and Pop" Shops - But Here Is a Huge Supermarket
From huge cities like Tel Aviv to countryside towns I would say most of the businesses we encountered were small family businesses.  But every now and again we                more     
WESTERN WALL - Near to the Heart of God
Israel's first Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians after standing nearly 500 years.  The Jewish people rebuilt the Temple about 70 years later, about 500 years before        more 
The Golden Gate for The Messiah
The current outer wall of the "Old City" of Jerusalem was built in the 1500s by the Muslim Ottomans.     Concerned about Jewish Scripture regarding the Messiah they           more 
A Piece of Ham Saves a Structure in Jerusalem
In the mid-1800s Jewish people began to return to Israel.  A rich European Jewish man financed a mill for Jerusalem, but the local Arab population developed a                more