myEl (God),
andTzur (Rock) -
myYeshua (Salvation)
- Psalms 89:26 -
Growing a community of followers of Yeshua,  bringing Him to Jewish Pittsburgh and beyond !
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   Although we are a new Messianic Jewish Congregation and Jewish ministry (started January 2012), together our Advisory Team brings to the table a combined 155 years of ministry experience !

   The Advisory Team is providing wisdom to help overcome the many challenges of starting a new ministry.  They are also providing oversight while this new congregation is gathering and training internal leadership.

  Meet the Advisory Team ...

Advisory Team
Abraham E. Sandler II
Messianic Rabbi

The shirt says, "Jesus Made Me Kosher"

Abraham is eldest son of an Orthodox Jew who came to faith in Messiah Yeshua - Jesus.  His father has been in Messianic Jewish Ministry for over 50 years, starting four Messianic Jewish Congregations, and has seen hundreds - Jew and Gentile - come to saving faith in Messiah Yeshua - Jesus.  Abraham grew up seeing how the Jewish prophecies about the Jewish Messiah are fulfilled in Yeshua - Jesus, and learning how to celebrate Jesus in a Jewish way.

Abraham has served his father's and other congregations in a multitude of capacities including - Worship Leader, Custodian, Treasurer, Children's Teacher (all ages), College & Career Leader and Pastor/Rabbi - learning much about service to the local congregation.

Abraham also served with Jews for Jesus in many roles including Missionary Trainee, Outreach Planning/Leading, and member of traveling musical team - Liberated Wailing Wall.  He is a veteran of nearly 15 Jews for Jesus City wide campaigns in New York City, West Palm Beach, Dallas, Seattle, Toronto, Detroit, Pittsburgh and elsewhere.  He helped plan/lead over half of these.

Abraham now serves as Founder, Director and Pastor of Maoz Tzur - Rock of Ages Messianic Jewish Congregation.
Rev. Dr. Captain Paul Dordal
Chaplain, US Army Reserves

Paul's service to the US Army includes a tour in Iraq during hostilities.  His service in ministry includes starting a church from scratch and also pastoring and turning around two churches in need of serious help.  He has also served as Vice President of Nyack College, the largest Christian college in the NYC area.

Paul is also Founder and Director of The Center for Leader Multiplication where he has helped numerous ministers move to more fruitfulness in their personal and professional lives.  His Masters Degree is in Intercultural Ministries.

He is currently serving both part time in pastoral ministry and in a special Chaplaincy capacity with the Veterans Administration, especially ministering to physically and emotionally damaged soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul is author of a great book on leadership from Jesus' perspective - GREAT COMMANDMENT LEADER available at amazon.com by clicking HERE.

Dr. Bruce & Judy Fowler
Clinical psychologist & counselors

Dr. Bruce and Judy Fowler have been in ministry for over 40 years and happily married for almost 50 years!

They have pastored churches in the United States.  They were missionaries to Puerto Rico for 12 years.

They are in demand - training ministry teams overseas and here in the U.S. on Marriage, Family, and Personal counseling, and have been international seminar speakers.

Dr.Fowler worked as a clinical psychologist for the state of Oregon for 7 years.  The Fowlers have been ministering in Western Pennsylvania since 1995.

They are Founders and Directors of Peace Counseling Ministries - more info HERE.
Melissa Antolec
Levitical Prophetic Ministry

Melissa Antolec starting serving the community of followers of Yeshua at a very young age, now having nearly 25 years of ministry experience.

Melissa has served as Assistant Director of Puppet Ministries, and has served on Prophetic Prayer Teams, and also Worship Teams as flute player, vocalist, hand percussionist and sound engineer.

She has ministered in nursing homes and on short term missions trips to Africa and Thailand.

She was a significant part of a Prophetic Prayer Team that was sent to Israel a few years ago.

Melissa currently serves as Assistant to the Director of Voice of the Bride - a prophetic worship ministry based in the Pittsburgh area.  She is also a lead instrumentalist and vocalist with Voice of the Bride, helping many experience the very Presence of Almighty God through the anointing God has given her on flute, drums and voice.

Melissa has been a key assistant to Abraham in many evangelistic and teaching outreaches, including playing her flute prophetically in front of the main grocery store in the main Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and playing hand drum and singing during street witnessing several years at an Arts Festival in another significantly Jewish area of the city.

Melissa, over the past 15 years, has participated in the spiritual battle for Jewish souls and knows first hand the challenges of sharing Yeshua - Jesus with Jewish people.

She has also served in key leadership roles in JESUS IN THE PASSOVER, JESUS IN THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES and GOD'S PLAN FOR JEW & GENTILE presentations our ministry has given in churches, and knows first hand the spiritual battle to win the hearts of those in The Church to carry out the Biblical Mandate to bring the Good News of Yeshua "to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile."

Melissa continues to serve in various capacities in Maoz Tzur, now especially focusing on training others - raising them up into service and leadership roles in the congregation.

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